Arabic Courses

ARAB 1010/1020 Elementary Arabic

Introduction to the sound and writing systems of Arabic, including basic sentence structure and morphological patterns. A combination of the direct, audio-lingual, proficiency-based, and translation methods is used. The format consists of classroom discussions of a certain grammatical point followed by intensive practice.

ARAB 2010/2020 Intermediate Arabic

Continues training in modern standard Arabic, with emphasis on speaking, comprehension, writing, and reading. The method of teaching primarily follows the proficiency-based approach to language learning.

Prerequisite for ARAB 2010: ARAB 1020 or equivalent, or instructor permission; for ARAB 2020:

ARAB 2010 or equivalent, or instructor permission.

ARAB 2250/2260 Conversational Arabic

Introduces students to spoken Arabic, with oral production highly emphasized. Conversation based on everyday situations. enables communication with native speakers.

ARAB 3010/3020 & ARAB 5010/5020 Advanced Arabic I & II

The goal of this course is to increase the student's knowledge of the Arabic language and culture via a communicative-based approach, meaning that though the students will be expected to learn grammatical structures. Emphasis will be placed on the functional usage of the language and on communication in context.

Prerequisites: ARAB 2020 or equivalent, or instructor permission.

ARAB 3230/5230 Arabic Conversation and Composition (in Arabic)

Emphasizes development of writing and speaking skills, with special attention on grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and the organization and style of different genres.

ARAB 3240/5240 Arabic Arabic Conversation and Composition (in Arabic)

Develops oral and written proficiency to an advanced level of fluency, with emphasis on speaking and writing.

ARAB 4010/4020 & ARAB 5410/5420 Advanced Arabic III & IV

The main goal at this stage is to reach a superior level of Modern Standard Arabic with due attention paid to all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing in addition to culture. Acquisition of more advanced grammatical structures will take place primarily through directed in-class drilling, coupled with an emphasis on the functional use of language through communication in context. Prerequisites: ARAB 3020 or equivalent, or instructor permission.

ARAB 4245/5245 Readings in Classical Arabic Prose

Students will gain insight and learn to appreciate some of the most influential "Arab" literary figures and some of the most celebrated classical Arabic prose masterpieces. Students will also broaden their critical and comparative perspectives with regard to some of the most important literary and cultural issues related to the overall poetics and politics of the Arabic-Islamic heritage.

ARAB 4993/8993 Independent Study in Arabic

Independent study in Arabic.

ARAB 5830 Topics in Arabic Prose

Emphasis on reading modern Arabic prose, and writing descriptive and narrative short essays.

Prerequisite: ARAB 3020/5020 or equivalent, or instructor permission.

ARAB 5840 Topics in Arabic Prose

Exposure to selected reading material in modern Arabic prose, and writing of short essays, summaries, and descriptive pieces in Arabic.

Prerequisite: ARAB 5830 or instructor permission.

ARAB 5850 Media Arabic

Examination of electronic (television and radio) and print (newspapers, magazines, periodic publications) Arabic.

Prerequisite: ARAB 5530 and 5540, or ARAB 3010/5010 and 3020/5020, or instructor permission.