Arabic in Translation


ARTR 3245/5245 - Arabic Literary Delights

In this course, we will venture into the fascinating words and worlds of premodern Arab-Islamic leisure and pleasure. We will focus specifically on the literary representation of and socio-cultural/theosophical debate on humor, pleasantry, wit, frivolity, eating, feasting, banquets crashing, dietetics, erotology, aphrodisiacs, sexual education and hygiene.

Credits: 3

ARTR 3290/5290 - Exile/Return in Arabic Literature

Introduces the development and themes of modern Arabic literature (poetry, short stories, novels and plays). No knowledge of Arabic is required. Taught in English.

Credits: 3

ARTR 3350/5350 - Introduction to Arab Women's Literature

A comprehensive overview of contemporary Arab women's literature, this course examines all Arab women's literary genres starting from personal letters, memoirs, speeches, poetry, fiction, drama, to journalistic articles and interviews. Selected texts cover various geographic locales and theoretical perspectives. Special emphasis will be given to the issues of Arab female authorship, subjectivity theory, and to the question of Arab Feminism.

Credits: 3

ARTR 3490/5490 - Arab Cinemas

The course will concentrate on cinemas of Egypt, the Maghrib (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) as well as Syrian and Palestinian films. It will examine major moments in the history of these cinemas and the political developments that have inevitably had a major influence on filmmaking in the region.

Credits: 3

ARTR 3559/5559 - New Course in Arabic in Translation

This course is meant to work with students on major works of Arabic literature in English translation.

Credits: 3