HIND 1010/1020 - Elementary Hindu-Urdu

Introductory training in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing Hindi and Urdu.

Credits: 4

HIND 2010/2020 - Intermediate Hindi

Prerequisites: HIND 1020 or equivalent, or instructor permission.

Introduction to various types of written and spoken Hindi; vocabulary building, idioms and problems of syntax; and conversation in Hindi.

Credits: 4

HIND 3010/3020 - Advanced Hindi Readings

Prerequisites: HIND 2020 or equivalent, or instructor permission.

Readings are drawn from areas of particular interest to the students involved, and include readings from various disciplines.

HIND 3559 - Hindi in Contemporary Media

Prerequisites: Instructor permission.

Cultures and societies of the World.

Credits: 3

HIND 4993/8993 - Independent Study in Hindi

Prerequisites: Instructor permission.

Independent study in Hindi.

Credits: 1-3