PERS 1010/1020 - Elementary Persian

This course introduces students (both non-heritage and heritage learners) to the Persian language. While developing proficiency in reading, writing, comprehending, and speaking modern Persian through communicative methods, students acquire an understanding of grammar that is well integrated into their language usage.  Dialogs and reading texts are geared toward facilitating practical mastery of basic skills.

Credits: 4

PERS 2010/2020 - Intermediate Persian

Prerequisites: PERS 1020 or equivalent, or instructor permission.

This course is a continuation of Introduction to Persian. After completing this course, students should be able to read authentic texts of various kinds (with the aid of a dictionary).  Although there is emphasis on rapidly improving reading comprehension and the course is much more grammar intensive than Elementary Persian, attaining greater proficiency in speaking, listening comprehension, and writing remains essential to successful completion of the course. Intermediate Persian prepares the student for in-depth textual study and analysis that will occur in the ensuing years of Persian study at UVA.

Credits: 4

PERS 3010/3020 - Advanced Persian

Prerequisites: PERS 2020 or equivalent, or instructor permission.

The goal of this course is to increase student’s efficiency in reading modern texts; ranging from literary prose fiction to news media excerpts, to poetry. although the students will be expected to learn grammatical structures emphasis will be placed on the functional usage of the language and on communication in context.

Credits: 3

PERS 3240 - Introduction to Modern Persian Literature

This course addresses the development of modern(ist) trends in Persian literature, emphasizing historical and socio-political factors. Exemplar modern poems, stories, and essays are read in the original, then explained and critically evaluated. Defines and discusses significant ideas, ideologies, movements, trends, milieus, social backgrounds, etc., out of which modern Persian literature emerged.

Credits: 3

PERS 3559/5559 - New Course in Persian

This course provides the opportunity to offer a new topic in the subject area of Persian.

Credits: 3

PERS 4993/8993 - Independent Study in Persian

Prerequisites: Instructor permission.

Independent study for advanced students of Persian.

Credits: 1-3