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Middle Eastern and South Asian Film Series

Samhita Sunya has curated a sidebar of 6 films for this year’s edition of the Virginia Film Festival, co-sponsored by the Institute of the Humanities & Global Cultures and Department of Middle Eastern & South Asian Languages & Cultures. As a continuation from last year’s sidebar, Samhita sought accessible, contemporary films that emphasize the linguistic, geographic, and thematic diversity of filmmaking practices connected to the regions of the Middle East & South Asia.

The film series occur from October 23-27. Students have the luxury of accessing and purchasing FREE tickets!  

Sidebar highlights include: 4 films by woman filmmakers, 3 (romantic) comedies, 2 lyrical documentaries by Arab-American filmmakers, and 1 director in attendance (Shelly Chopra Dhar)! The following is a link for viewing trailers, descriptions, and screening information, and for reserving tickets:

Professor Sunya also gave a radio interview about the film series: